Grab the 9 page PDF Here!

Meet Sean.

Sean is an engineer.

He can't draw. 


Artist and Author Karen Campbell is about to change all that.

They are both inviting YOU to come and DRAW ALONG with both of them on this raucous drink and drawing adventure!!! Sean is PETRIFIED!!

It'll for sure be hilarious and all in good fun! But we really will draw an epic face by the end (come hell or high water!!).

Grab your free 9 page PDF here!

🎉 Then join us on Sunday, January 14th at 2 PM ET for this LIVE event!!

The purple button above will ALSO take you to the replay!

So no worries if you're joining us late (or even next year!). You can still watch and play along!!

First, we will show you how to make our favorite delicious winter Cocktail 🍸 

THEN we will settle (fully costumed) into Karen's studio where she will walk Sean (and YOU) how to draw a Steampunk Fun Fab FACE!!!  

His first face EVER 😮

Well, his first anything really!! 

NO experience is required and that's the fun of it!!

Can Sean REALLY draw a face if he's never done it before? 

Only one way to find out!!

Let's go!

To give you the most support, Karen has prepared this special 9-page PDF download that contains links to supplies and multiple references to help you make the most of the afternoon!

And don't worry about buying anything fancy.

Truly all you need is a pencil and a piece of paper to do the whole thing.

We just want you to come and enjoy creating along with us.


Grab the 9 page PDF Here!