Step 1 is JOIN!!

It may take up to 24 hours hours for our Admins to admit you. To expedite your process, please be sure fill out the Questions and Agree to the Group Rules.

Step 2 is POST!

In addition to showing us what art projects you're working on, you can also ask questions or ask for feedback!


We don't like just LOOKING at art, we like connecting with the people who make it! So leave kind comments and only bring your best self!

But there's sooooo much more in store!! FIRST...ya gotta know...

You are VERY welcome and encouraged to post ANY art-related photo that's yours.

EVEN if you're learning from other online teachers.

Even if you're terrible (you're NOT, but even if you think you are).

EVEN if you're learning from other art books (cuz we wanna know what they are too so we can grab them!)

EVEN if you're way more amazing than everyone else.


Another cool thing we do??


Here's how it works...

CREATE Art inspired by ANY of the following 6 Ways

(see list below)

Upload a photo of your ARTWORK!

The good, bad, and ugly ALL enter you in to win so post everything you got!! Winners are chosen at RANDOM so you truly can't lose!!

Add the Hashtag that Corresponds to the Source of your Inspiration!

Here are the 6 sources of inspiration that will qualify you to use a hashtag and enter to play and win each month:

1) Make art inspired by one of my FREE 550 plus YouTube videos


2) Make art inspired by one of my 19 Art Books

3) Make one of the fun and free projects you get from taking Fun Quiz!


4) Follow a Lesson from the Fun Fab Drawing Club!


5) Follow a lesson from the Mixed Media Society


6) Follow a lesson from the Celtic Collective


Here's an example of what it looks like!

The hashtag can go ANYWHERE in the written portion of your post.

Why do we do all of this?!

Because prizes are HUGE!!!!

AND because we want to encourage you to


Because THAT'S the fastest way to improve ;)

Besides, you can't get worse with more practice so what do you have to lose?

Winners chosen from these categories get to choose either a pencil pouch (18 designs to choose from! And they are HUGE) OR one of my Art Books!!

I also cover shipping, even if you life in Tasmania ;)

I told you! These prizes are no joke!!

The BEST PART (other than the swag I mean)?

You're LEARNING and GROWING soooooo much by creating so much all month long!

And for these Club members?

Well, I'll admit it!

They get a BIT more spoiled.

Winners chosen from these categories are Club members and get to choose from a laundry list of prizes!

Winners are chosen AT RANDOM

(this is not a contest) and will be contacted via email!

Names will be announced in the Facebook Group on the FIRST of EVERY MONTH!

So be on the lookout!

If you see it listed, then you'll know to keep your eyes peeled on your inbox.

So what are you waiting for?

You gonna come hang out with us

or what?

We are WAITING to meet you and can't wait to cheer you on!

Here's your hashtag list.

Goodluck and HAPPY ARTING!

More of an Instagram person?

We use hashtags there too but in a slightly different way.