Love Instagram?!

Here are 2 accounts you may want to follow!

One is my personal art page.


This is my personal art page where you can find photos of art that I've completed over the years.

I also post art for lessons that are coming up for all 3 Clubs!

I also occassionally post photos of my family and sweet pets, Maggie, Zoe and Rosie!

The other Instagram account is dedicated to (and FILLED with) ONLY the

AWESOME ART created by my

Club Members, students, and followers!


This is the awesome art page where you can find photos of art that's being created by students, Club members, fans and followers of @karencampbellartist.

This is also our community page where upcoming events and calendars are shared.

Taylor is our Instagram and Social Media Manager! If she reaches out to you on either on Instagram OR on Facebook, she may ask permission to feature your work on this page.

We hope that you say YES!!!

Use these hashtags when posting so we can easily find you both on Instagram AND in the Facebook Group.

We would LOVE to feature you and highlight all your hard work!

Using these Hashtags in the Facebook Group will also automatically enter you into our Monthly Giveaway!!

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Meet Taylor McLean!

As mentioned above, when you use those hashtags with your posts on Instagram OR on Facebook, Taylor may reach out to you to ask if you're okay with featuring your work on Instagram!

Alternatively, YOU can reach out to HER if you'd like US to feature a piece that you're incredibly proud of!

You can email Taylor at [email protected] anytime!

More of a Facebook person?

We use hashtags there in a BIG way! Not only do we feature you BUT we have HUGE monthly GIVEAWAYS!!