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In the meantime enjoy 100's of exciting mixed media and painting projects!

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NO Drawing Skills required.

All levels welcome and encouraged!

The Mixed Media Society is THE place to be if you want to learn to paint!

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The lessons and activities are made for

people of all artistic abilities BUT we loooooove and truly specialize in

hand-holding BEGINNERS.

As soon as you enroll you can dive in!

We revel in watching YOUR skills SOAR as you blast through the lessons with confidence and ease!

It's the BEST!!

Hey There! I'm Karen Campbell.

I'm a Mixed Media Artist, Author, and Instructor OBSESSED with teaching people HOW TO PAINT because while it looks SO HARD, it's just NOT when someone can show you how

in a way that makes it easy, fast, and fun!

Let's see if the Mixed Media Society

is a good fit for you!

Well I have some fabulous news.

First, the Mixed Media Society

ISN'T just another online class.


Learning to paint is a journey and your happiness and success are my mission and goal for YOU!

Second, ANYONE can learn to paint.

And everyone DESERVES to learn.

Even if you have

no background in painting, or talent.

Like me!

This painting is my very first attempt at painting a portrait. And I was in my 30's!!

I never painted anything until AFTER my 3 kids were born!

Then it became my sanity.

I only kept painting because it was so much fun!

That's when I discovered that the SECRET to getting good IS having FUN!

FUN IS the secret!!!

Even 19 Art Books later and tens of thousands of students taught, I still can't believe I've come this far!

Now, it's YOUR turn to learn!

You CAN do it...Even if you have NO TIME.

Member Evette Wilson is a biochemistry grad and a super busy Anesthetic Associate AND Massage Therapist 🤯 with (needless to say) not a ton of extra time on her hands!

She joined Awesome Art School after suffering a ruptured calf injury during a workout class and was looking for ways to entertain herself while she was laid up.

She also says she understands the need to balance her artistic side with her scientific side.

I asked her how, with her busy schedule, does she have time to do art.

She replied "Even while I'm at work and at lunch breaks I try to kind of weave (art) things in and I always try and make time on the weekends, even if it's just an hour to do SOMETHING."

When I asked her about WHY she does art and if she doesn't for pure pleasure OR if she also wants to get better Evette replied, "No I do also want to get better. When I was at school I could never do faces, never in my life. When I would draw a person I would literally just draw and oval that was it...I was like, 'I can't do it!!!' "

She continues, "You put things in the most simplest way like BAM BAM BAM.

THIS is how you do it, and THIS is how you get it done.

This is what I like. My old art teachers, I don't know, they just couldn't do it."

This is her art now.

Just, WOW!

You CAN learn to paint!

Even if you're not a spring chicken :)

And even if you're completely new ❤️

Even if you're someone who

isn't tech savvy.

We've spent years making resources that HELP you get around EASILY and get you going FAST and without confusion. Here is an example from our website page.

You can see all the lessons and their levels so you can pick the right one for you!

That being said...I'm old school.

I need a BOOK, not just a website. That's why I made the Club Workbook and Guide and give them out to everyone FREE.

From logging in to tracking your goals to practice worksheets, this 310-page tome truly is your Guide!

Want to see MORE of the inside? Keep scrolling, there's a video further down the page.

Even if you've tried other online teachers.

My teaching style is different.

It's PURE unadulterated FUN!!

If you're new to painting that's okay!

Our community is FULL of beginners!!

All flourishing from our unwavering support.

But it's so more than that. Our members create deep and long-lasting relationships.

You can finally find your people. ❤️

So if you're a beginner or it's been a few decades since you put a paintbrush in your hand...

And the more you paint, the faster you'll become an Awesome Artist, like Bryn...

So!! Bet you're wondering...

Upon joining

you'll receive immediate access to the Mixed Media Society's

The Awesome Artist Accelerator!!

Here's what each of these Classrooms is worth and where you can start depending on your current level.

You even get a Certificate at the end of each Course!

But wait, there's more! You also get...

But wait, there's EVEN more!

I often lead a step-by-step class!

You can follow me exactly, or feel free to go your own way, it's all good!

How ever you want to use that time is up to you!

It's the perfect way to meet your peers, a great time to ask me questions personally, and an awesome time to just have fun!!

Sometimes I will create a whole new lesson and teach something entirely new or different that cannot be found anywhere else in the Club.

Or I might share with you a deep dive into what I'm working on behind-the-scenes like how I'm writing a book or developing a complex lesson or something random like this adorable "painted lady" on canvas!

Members REALLY love creating with together, LIVE and in real-time!

All live sessions are recorded (and provided along with additional supplies and PDFs that may have been added) so you can watch the replay and do the lessons when the time is right for you!

We make sure you won't miss out.

We've gone over a lot, let's recap.

Oh but I'm just getting started!

So what's the Grand Total for all of this?

Brace yo-self. There are a LOT of bonuses.

Here's a peek at your joining options, but seriously, SCROLL down, I'm JUST getting started!!

For starters, you are granted exclusive access to the following 18 additional Premium BONUS Courses.

To be clear, 18 Courses are all club-exclusive and not available or sold anywhere else.

ALL of these combined total

over $8,000!!

But for YOU???

You probably thought there was NO WAY

I could add ANY more bonuses.

But you'd be sooo wrong!! 😮

Choose a Pricing Option

Okay here goes!

You also get my 5 Star Rated book:

I wouldn't be surprised if right now you are feeling pretty overwhelmed with "all the things" you get!

Which is why I created the "Lesson Tracker" for my Club members too!

But wait, there's MORE FREE things!

(crazy! I know!)

Here are just a few MORE pretty epic perks you should know about.






to Parties




Members Only Blog


Etsy Shop!

So yeah, allllllllllllll that PLUS 3 new lessons each month!!

(2 pre-recorded and 1 live, oh my!!)

Okay PHEW!!

I think I've FINALLY covered what you get - also explains why I am SO TIRED!! 🤣

But that's not even the best part.

The BEST part, and the ONLY real reason you should join is that you're going to LOVE watching your painting skills

SOAR like Karen's did!!


Now let's go over how it works.


@ AwesomeArtSchool.com


Go in order or skip around!


And PAINT with me!

It's Lot Like Netflix, Actually!

⭐️ ALL lessons are instantly available as soon as you join.

⭐️ Follow the lessons on your own time, at your own pace.

⭐️ Lessons are organized by skill level & theme!

⭐️ Lessons are downloadable so you can take them on the go.

⭐️ Binge as often as you like!

⭐️ Hate it? Cancel any time!

⭐️ LOVE it? Join the Lifetime option and pay ONCE to stay FOREVER!!

There are FOUR WAYS

To Join in the FUN & Art Your Heart Out!


Most Affordable!

Great for Those

Who Want Flexibility!

$99 Every 3 Months

Stay & Play for 3 Months

+ Get a FREE Paperback Workbook!


Stay & Play for a Year


2 Paperbacks, &

a Pencil Set!

OR the best VALUE EVER...

With the MOST perks!!

Now let's go over these in a little more in detail so you know EXACTLY what you get with each one. Again, a recap. Then, you can choose the best plan for you.

First, let's talk about the cheapest option.

That's monthly, for $33.

We also have a Quarterly option that is $99 for 3 months.

Great if you know you need a bit of breathing room to try it out.

We also have an Annual Option for $330.

On this plan you get 2 months FREE & 2 Paperbacks mailed to your house PLUS my favorite brush pen in the whole wide world!

Lastly, let's talk about the BEST VALUE option.

That's LIFETIME, for $990.

Here's what the Mixed Media Society looks like in one fell swoop 👇

So what do you think?

And check out these beautiful creations!!!

You gotta know, we also create on foam heads, altered books, paintbrushes and make jewelry!

Still On the Fence?

The Mixed Media Society

is perfect for you if you're a...


For you, there is a FUN curriculum in place to lead you step-by-step through awesome (NOT boring) projects that teach you the basics!


If it's been a minute (or decades) since you picked up a paint brush to paint your heart out, welcome home. Get a refresher on the basics and reignite the ARTIST THAT'S STILL INSIDE YOU!


Looking for something a bit MORE FUN?! You've got it! Build upon your established skillset with challenging lessons on how to work with exciting new supplies (like fountain pen ink painting!), how to paint realistic portraits, & so much more!

Maybe You're...


for decent art tutorials.


and crave a little variety.


or not improving.

Maybe You Need a Ray of Sunshine...

I'm 74.

Am I REALLY not too old to start?

You're not old. For reals.

What if I'm Horrible at Tech?

Just click MIXED MEDIA CLUB and choose your lesson!

This feels overwhelming. How can you help me keep track of so many lessons?

Luckily I'm an author and making books is what I do! I made 2 books to help you navigate, inspire, AND help keep you on track both literally (what video am I on??) and emotionally (how did I feel before and after an art session?).

What if I Need Help?

My team and I are standing by to help :)

Do I Have to Buy a Ton of Supplies?

NOPE. But here's a little more about my basic must-haves!

Do You Teach More Than Faces?

100% YES! LOTS of animals and flowers!!

How do I find out what, where and when the new lessons and lives come out?? EASY! Just check your inbox!

Is it Hard to Cancel? Nope, it takes 3 clicks.

What are those pricing options again?

Choose a Pricing Option That Fits Your Budget!

And just in case you've gotten this far and we haven't even met, I'm Karen!

I'm a full-time multi-media artist, instructor, business owner, author of 19 art instructional books, and I've been featured in 7 worldwide art magazine publications.

I'm the founder here at Awesome Art School where I teach online creative courses to adults of all backgrounds and ages. I will be your creative hostess with the mostest all year long!

Originally a Boston area native, I currently live in Apex, NC with my computer-geek husband, 3 boys and 4 girl fur babies.

My philosophy towards teaching art and the reason why my students are so successful is based on the fact that I am keenly aware that people learn BEST when they are so busy having fun they don't even realize the strides they are making.

As such, FUN is built right into the curriculum, making it incredibly easy and fast for students to advance.

Through my prolific and popular books, 3 awesome Art Clubs at Awesome Art School, and two YouTube channels that host over 550 free art tutorials, I have positively impacted the lives of tens of thousands worldwide of all levels who want to learn how to create beautiful things.

And I believe in fairies - for obvious reasons (and I even have a podcast about it 😆).

So, for $33 you get 100's of lessons and $1000's of dollars worth of lessons and books and resources.

That's just 🍌

You comin?

The fun begins with YOU, the split second you sign up!

Backed by our 14-day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Choose a Pricing Option

Whatever YOUR reason for painting, you're welcome and encouraged to laugh and learn along with all of us ❤️


The Magical Team at

Awesome Art School

Pictured top left to right: Margo, Mandi, Taylor

Middle row left to right: Tara, Sean (my hubby!)

Bottom row left to right: Lucy (with Miso), Karen, Jeanette (with Artemis) & Bryn