VARIATIONS PDF to help with Creative Inspiration in coming up with Variations!

"Sassy" Face 1/10

How to Use the VARIATIONS PDF to be creative PLUS How to Draw this Fun Fab Face!

Toned Paper NO FREEHAND Variation of Face 1 if you need further inspiration and FUN!

"Sassy" Figure 1/10 using the Dot-to-Dot method

"Ooooooooh" Face 2/10

"Ooooooooh" Figure 2/10 in Tombows

Fun Fab "Fierce" Face in Alcohol Markers

Brain Stretches & Sketches with Karen on Toned Paper

Angry Figure in Pencil
(Drawing Portion Only)

Angry Figure Coloring
in Alcohol Markers

Super Sultry / Sexy Expression in Alcohol Markers

Sultry Sexy Figures in Pencil

Little Boys In Pencil Inspired by Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell Inspired Christmas Drawing in Pencil

Norman Rockwell Inspired Christmas Coloring in Markers