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Project 1: Media Mixologist Palette Project!

Learn my favorite Mixed Meida "Hamburger" system to create this super unique piece!

Mixed Media can really be a challenge when you are learning from a teacher who creates intuitively (which is the norm).

Luckily for you, I'm not that teacher!

I have mastered all my supplies so that I can teach you what to do (and WHY) and in what order (and HOW) so that you can not only make this adorable project, but can also go on to make MORE of your own!!

Best part?

My Mixed Media "Hamburger" system uses the exact SAME supplies for EVERY art project so once you learn this, you can do SO MUCH!

Project 2: Sassy Sketcher

Draw a fun fab figure quickly and easily!

Have you ever drawn an entire face and liked your results?

Drawing a face is no joke!

In this fun tutorial we'll draw this gorgeous gal, from scratch!

I always teach with references because how the heck can you learn to draw by NOT looking at anything?

This class is fun because there is a TWIST! We'll use special graphite that is water-reactive so blending is a breeze!!!

Project 3: Magical Mind

Experience the magic of working on Toned Paper.

Have you ever worked on Toned Paper?

If you haven't you're in for a treat! In this relaxing and super easy-to-follow tutorial, you'll use a reference photo and, with my help, create this gorgeous face!

You'll learn (without even realizing it) how to use the toned paper as your mid-tone.

Then learn how to realistically shade the face and where to put all the dramatic highlights!!

Last step, add the magical TWINKLE in her eye. It's thrilling and looks AMAZING when you're through!!

Even SUPER Baby Beginner drawers have success with this lesson!! I absolutely encourage you to try this, you'll surprise yourself, guaranteed!!

Project 4: Magical Mind *BONUS*

Paint a magical Foxy Fox (or Familiar) with Lucy Brydon!

Have you ever dreamed of creating magic with watercolors?

Lucy Brydon has been creating and selling her amazing magical woodland creatures and creations in galleries across the UK and has been teaching watercolors and gouache for 30 years.

She also has a gift for breaking down a daunting watercolor lesson into doable bite-size tasks that make painting effortless!

You'll learn how to draw AND paint this cutie step-by-step with Lucy. We can't wait to see yours!!

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Awesome Palette Project by Brenda Anderson! Love!

We can't WAIT to see what you make of yours ❤️