Paper & Blending Basics
Paper & Blending Basics

Feather Project

Drawing a Fun Fab Face in Alcohol Markers

Drawing a Fun Fab Face in Darker Skin Tones

Drawing a 3/4 Portrait & Coloring with Alcohol Markers

Skin Tones with Copics

Skin Tones with Tombows

Watersoluble Marker Project 1

Watersoluble Marker Project 2

Watersoluble Marker Project 3

Elegant Writer Face for Beginners

NeoColor II Fairy

Colored vs. Watersoluble Pencil

La Petite Paris

Inktense, NeoColor II, Gelatos & Pitt Pens, oh my!!

How I Use Gelatos

How I Use Pitt Pens
How I Use Pitt Pens

Kylie Fowler Lesson: Part 1

Kylie Fowler Lesson: Part 2

Kylie Fowler Lesson: Part 3

Graphitone Pencil Demo (Watersoluble Graphite)

China Markers Face Demo

China Markers Fairy Demo