Spooky Evil Books!

Upcycling at it's best! Time to hit the thrift and dollar stores for this fun activity for all ages!

Giant Ed Emberly Inspired Halloween Spooky Tree and Graveyard!

The fun part about this project is that you can do ANY color you want for the background and it'll look great!! Supplies are SUPER minimal and the project is SUPER FUN!!

Scary Snake Wreath

Another amazing and fun one to do with kids of all ages! SOOOOO EASY!

Sugar Skull [Day of the Dead]

If you know and love my mixed media "Hamburger" system, this is a classic 'burger at it's best! Definitely an advanced project, perfect for those up for an awesome creative challenge!

Morticia Addams

Not too hard, not too easy, not too sweet, not too scary. She's just perfect for Halloween!

HUGE Haunted House!

Another SUPER FUN Ed Emberly inspired spooky-ness project! Feel free to do a smaller version or work in your art journal!

Black Widow Foam Head!!

What's creepier than a foam head? A foam head with a GIANT WIDOW SPIDER!!

Realistic Skull in Ink

Another challenging one for my spooky loving friends! You can trace my outline if you like!! Can be done in watercolor or inks!

Goth Girl with Bryn!!!

Get ready to dive into some serious mixed media fun with this one!!

Falling Leaves Triptych!

The fall season wouldn't be complete without a rendering of the beautiful fallen leaves! Created to hang in a perfect trio to celebrate my favorite season.

Adorable Fall Fox!

This is actually a pretty easy one but if you're not familiar with the "Hamburger" system then you'll just want to watch those videos first! The Stabilo All REALLY plays a big part in this one! Yay!

Watercolor Scarecrow
on Sheet Music

Learn how to use Watercolor Ground to turn any paper into a surface you can watercolor over!

Thanksgiving "Gather" Canvas

In acrylics on an oval canvas from our LIVE Happy Hour Art-Along in November!

I Love You "deerly"

Who doesn't love a good winter pun? Perfect for gift giving!!

Winter Penguin in Acrylics

Nothing says winter like a PENGUIN! Almost as old as Awesome Art School itself and still one of my top faves of all time! Also PERFECT for beginner painters!

Cozy Coffee Owl!

Welcome winter in with this cute owl!! Perfect for all ages and abilities!!

Watercolor Winter Penguin

From Happy Hour LIVE Art-along!

Silly Scarved Skinny Dog!

Huge thanks to Wiebke Rauers for allowing us to use her adorable drawing for this!

Warm Winter Cuddles

Another Weibke Rauers inspired piece that will be sure to bring a smile to a loved one this winter season!

Nutcracker Dancer with Bryn Nguyen

No drawing skills? No worries! Bryn made this simple and beautiful project just for you!

Christmas PUG!!

Don't be fooled but that adorable face, he's a bit challenging! And CUTE!!!

Santa's Wee Helper!

Oh heaven's here's yet another Wiebke Rauer's inspired project but with a Karen Campbell twist. I cannot get enough!!!

Christmas ELF!!!

Don't let him fool you, in real-life he measures 4' tall and dons my living room wall each and every year since!! Based on a greeting card he is classic mixed media "Hamburger" complete with decoupaged snowflakes all around! I LOVE HIM!!

Magical Menorah in Fountain Pen Inks & Acrylics for Hannukah

This one isn't QUITE as tricky as it looks thanks to the help of a chandelier stencil!! You've got this!!

Stabilo Santa
on Canvas Board

I'll teach ya how to activate the stabilo properly on canvas board. Just make sure you DON'T use your stabilo for Santa's face. I did that and made a giant mess (but you can watch me work my way out of it!).

Mixed Media Valentine Owl

Super cute Hamburger style owl on canvas with a Valentine's theme from our February Happy Hour LIVE art-along! Combines scrapbook paper, posca pens, pitt pens, matte medium & of course MOD PODGE!