Bare Minimum Supplies to Get You Started

How to Set Up your Art Room for Working!

Exploring ALL the possible base coats you can use for Encaustics (diff't price points).

A fun intro project and a good one to just WATCH to get the idea of what you can do, start to finish.

Simple, beautiful flowers with watercolors and stamps!

Butterfly - A Dance Between Inks, Watercolors and Encaustics!

Insect Transfer!! So Easy and SO FUN!!

Same process as proceeding lesson but with some Watercolors around the edges!

Wee pot!! Dipping Fabric in Hot Wax to Create something entirely DIFFERENT!

The Art of Play - MORE fun and possibilities to explore!

Guest Teacher, Ivy Newport, leads you through this simple and beautiful project!

Whimsical Girl in Wax (Graphite, Watercolor & Wax)

Bonus: Timelapse (Another variation of Whimsical Girl)

Bonus: Timelapse for further inspiration!