Welcome to Stage 7 of the Fun Fab Drawing Club!

Watch the quick intro to learn what we will cover in this classroom and where you can go next!!

Introduction to the Quadrant Method

Make this adorable fox!!

Overview of the Different Perspectives Drawing Concepts We Cover

Aerial, One Point, Two Point are what we will be learning. THIS specific classroom covers just Aerial and One Point. For more advanced projects and Two Point see the Fun Fab Facades Classroom!

Aerial Perspective

This is an easy lesson, perfect for all levels. You can also get creative and work in a different color scheme!!

Aerial Perspective

Another fun aerial perspective lesson!

Architectural Elevation

Before we dive into perspective, let's learn how to do a drawing that contains NO perspective.

So super cute, right?! PERFECT for beginners starting out!

Overview of ONE POINT Perspective

This is just an introduction to the concepts from Karen on video. You'll also be able to download the references for Interior and Exterior Perspective (with examples). There is no drawing portion.

Exterior 1 Point Perspective

Now we'll draw our first cute whimsical house, but in 1 point perspective! A perfect beginner activity for newbies at this!

Interior 1 Point Perspective

Just when we thought we couldn't get any cute, we go INSIDE to learn the art of interior one point, from scratch!