Welcome to Stage 0 of the Fun Fab Drawing Club!

Watch the quick intro to learn what we will cover in this classroom (hint...SUPPLIES!!) and where you can go next!!

Learn what's included in the Fun Fab Faces Illustration Set from Jerry's Artarama

And decide if it's right for you! Note: It's only available in the U.S. so if you're not a US resident you can skip this part completely!

Mechanical Pencils

Always use what you have! But if you want to know my fave, it's the GraphGear 1000! Watch to learn how to replace the lead, eraser and available nibs!

Graphite Pencils

Learn about your options here plus a discussion on the Value Scale and choosing the right pencils for the job.

Blending Stumps

Why they're essential, how to use and clean them.


What would we do without erasers? Here are the only ones I use, love and why.


We don't use a TON of charcoal in the Fun Fab Drawing Club but wouldn't it be nice to know what the different kinds are before you dive in? Start here.

Alcohol Markers

My fave!! Learn what makes a great marker and how to use it.

Water-Reactive Drawing Tools

From Stabilo All pencils to watercolor markers, there's so much to hoard! Here's what you really need.


Outlining is an art! And the ink inside can make or break your drawing. Here's what I use and recommend.

Pocket Pentel Brush Pen

My favorite, nuff said!

The Best Whites

Highlights are the MOST FUN!! Here's all you need!


There's a zillion kinds of art papers. Here's exactly what you need.

Drawing Aids

There's so many fun tools that can help drawing easier! Here are my faves!

Pencil Sharpeners

It's taken me a decade to find a sharpener I don't hate!! lol! I'll share with you my fave!