The Fun Fab Drawing Club!!

An unbelievably cool online art club where you can learn how to draw ANYHING from scratch (even if you've never drawn before)!

By joining the Fun Fab Drawing Club membership experience and plunging into the INSANELY awesome online videos, written resources and live events, you'll FINALLY be able to...

Learn How to Draw

simple projects step-by-step from scratch, even if you've NEVER drawn before!

Create Depth

in your drawings by varying line weight & adding shading to create impact.

Strengthen Skills

with FUN practice so you can begin to draw what you see quickly and easily.

It is perfectly normal to think...

How is this POSSIBLE if I can't even draw a stick man?

We start slowly with line art and work our way into drawing & shading faces step-by-step, together.

It's too late, I should've started this sooner.

It doesn't matter how old you are. In fact, most of my club members are well OVER age 55 & having the time of their lives!

Other people were BORN with artistic talent. Not me!

Drawing is a SKILL anyone can learn. You just need someone to show you how & to get some FUN practice!

At Awesome Art School,

we believe ANYONE can learn to draw what they see!

Just LOOK at how

well our students are doing!

Now Sandi's drawing realistic hands & faces in her own individual style that's totally unique to her!!

What you get in the Fun Fab Drawing Club:

Access to a HUGE Library
of online drawing lessons filled with FUN, VARIED, downloadable, pre-recorded lessons for ALL levels.

LIVE Draw Along Sessions
with Karen once a month!

Club Member Perks
Monthly Giveaways & Swag Discounts!

HELP if & when you need it! From tech support to art supply questions!

FREE Books & Art Supplies depending on level of membership

New Lessons Added Monthly
for fresh inspiration & FUN!

The Fun Fab Drawing Club is perfect for:

Women Who Finally Have Time
and space in their lives to learn how to draw (most of our members are 55+)

Absolute Beginners!
We have a step-by-step curriculum for you to follow once you sign up!

Women Who LOVE
Drawing FACES! We also do lots of figures, florals, animals, urban sketching & soooo much more!!

Artists Excited to Add
LOTS of COLOR to their drawings!

Women Who LOVE
having tons of different projects to choose from (or who get bored easily).

Women Who May Need
a little tech or art supply help. We have a team ready & waiting to help you!

What's the deal with the waitlist?

Enrollment is closed for most of the year so we can focus on developing new lessons & doting on our members!

How much does it cost?

We have 4 payment options to accommodate every budget.

$33 monthly - cancel anytime

$99 quarterly - plus FREE paperback

$330 annually - includes 2 months FREE & 2 FREE paperbacks

New Lessons, Resources, Blogs and Lives are added monthly but your cost will never increase.v

And if you hate recurring payments...

Interested in MORE than one art club at Awesome Art School?

Choose them ALL when you join as a Wonder Bundler!

I Can't Wait for You to Join Us!

"I am loving the Fun Fab Drawing Club. My drawing ability has gone from 'How do I do a stick man again?' to 'Wow look at the faces I can draw!' All in a couple of months.

By the way, I am about to turn 81, so believe me, anyone can do this if they try."