Petite Pixie!

Fairy on Toned Paper

Fairy meets Fashion Illustration!

Magical Mashup!!

The Wrinkled Picsee!

Norse God = Loki

Loki's Girl

Elf in the Wilderness

Adorable Forest Sprite!

Mother of Dragons - Game of Thrones!

Woodland Nymph on Toned Paper

The Seductive Siren (charcoal)

Enchanted Castle for a possibly evil-ish Fairy!

Adorable, Wonky Fairy House!

Martini Mermaid in Alcohol Markers From Brain Stretches

Dramatic Mermaid on Toned Paper in Graphite & Markers

Baby Mermaid in her
Bubble Bed in Watercolor
Stabilo Mermaid
LIVE Workshop Replay

Hunky Alcohol Marker Merman