Intro to Perspective

It's recommended you Start at Stage 7 - the Mermaid if you're new!!

Draw a Cool Blue Door!

Watercolor Window!

Setting up our on-the-go Watercolor Palette for Urban Sketching!

More on Urban Sketching Supplies!

Architectural Elevation of Old North Church

One Point Perspective - OUTSIDE

One Point - Forest (Learning from Photos)

One Point - Lighthouse

One Point - Big Ben in Pen!

Big Pen in Watercolors!

One Point INTERIOR - Retro Cat

Architectural Elevation of my Parent's House (cape style)

2 Point Perspective - OUTSIDE!

Basic Box in 2 Point

Basic House in 2 Point

Making the "Jaws of Awesomeness!!"

2 Point - French Castle!

"Quick & Dirty" Castle - Sketching "on Location"

2 Point Perspective - INSIDE

2 Point - INSIDE a living room!