#1 How to Draw a Fun, Fab Face with Alcohol Markers

#2 Introduction to Mixed Media Face Drawing and How to Draw DOWNTURNED Eyelashes

#3 Drawing and Shading a Face in Graphite

#4 Practice Faces with Scribbles!

#5 How to Draw Realistic Portraits on Toned Paper Using a Reference

#6 How to Paint a Male Face Using ONLY Gesso and a Stabilo All Pencil!

#7 How to Create the 3/4 Mixed Media Portrait

#8 Mixed Media Profile Portrait

BONUS WEEK: Learn to Create a Fashion Face with Watersoluble Materials!

#9 Mixed Media Collage Art Journaling Inspiration with James Burke

#10 An Easy Way to Shade a Mixed Media Face

#11 How Contour Drawing Can Make You a Better Artist with Jenny Manno

#12 Using Mixed Media Watercolor and Inks to Make a Gorgeous Face in My Altered Book Art Journal

#13 3/4 Portrait in Watercolor with Lucy Brydon

#14 (1 of 2) How to Draw a REAL Bitch Face!

#14 (2 of 2) How to Draw another Bitch Face!

#15 How to Draw a WORRIED Expression

#16 How to Make a Watercolor Portrait with a SMILE!! With Claudia Finelle

#17 Mastering the SULTRY Look

#18 How to Draw a SAD Expression

#19 Drawing a Befuddled or CONFUSED Look!

#20 The Wrinkles Granny Fairy!!