What you get in this course:

⭐️ An overview of the entire 7 "Mixed Media Hamburger" system.

⭐️ A separate lesson for EACH layer of the project.

⭐️ EASY steps to learn EXACTLY what to do, WHY, and WHEN.

⭐️ 16 SUPER FUN projects especially for BEGINNERS!

⭐️ Downloadable videos and PDFs for all devices

⭐️ A clickable supply list and additional easy-to-digest PDFs.

⭐️ Karen's Published "Hamburger" eBook FREE!!


Does any of this sound familiar?

"AH What the heck?! When I added that (insert art supply) everything SMEARED and got RUINED!!"

"How do I know what colors to use?!!!"

"I wish someone would explain to me WHY they are doing what they're doing, I have NO idea what is going on!"

"Umm...you lost me at layer 3872"

"I looooooooove buying ALL the art supplies BUT... I have NO idea what to do with them!!!"

I used to feel
the same way that you do!

That's why I developed my "Hamburger" system in the first place!!

To make mixed media TOTALLY EASY to follow.

ZERO overwhelm.

ZERO guessing what to do next.

ZERO surprises and NO "oopses!"

Bonus part??

Because you're using the SAME supplies in each project, you don't have to buy a lot and

you wind up saving a TON of money too!

How nice is that!? (and yes that girl I'm holding...she's made with the same "Hamburger" method you'll learn in this course!)

How it works...

Each step is a part of the burger recipe!

Before you dive into the projects, first watch all 8 videos in the "Hamburger" series.

Each layer is likened to fixings on a burger so it's easy to understand.

I teach a HUGE variety of projects that all use the same supplies!

Plus, for your convenience, there are clickable links to all recommended supplies with each project.

I created 8 FUN and easy projects for you to enjoy!

All you have to do is press PLAY!

First we do a deep dive on each individual supply...

And make 8 beautiful projects with JUST those!

Organize your Shopping, Art Supplies and Layers!

All you need to know about what supplies you'll need.

Intro to the World of Art Journaling and Book Altering!

How to Collage!

Learn all about Acrylic Paint AND how to blend 2 ways!

Learn to Make Magic with ONLY a Stabilo!

Get AWEOME results with JUST Gorgeous Gelatos!

Have fun with glue?!
Who knew??

Practice with Pitt Pens!

Then you'll continue on to create 8+ super fun "Hamburger" projects!.

8 Beautiful Bottles!

Silly Lama!

The Crabby Crab!

Mysterious Mistress!

I Love You Deerly :)

Drink Happy Thoughts!

Mixed Media Eyes!!

The Happy Fox!

WOAH!! You also get my "Hamburger" book

 100% FREE!

It's nice to keep the book beside you while you're working on your own projects!

Julianna L. (verified purchase) from Amazon says:

This is a great book to really dial in your mixed media game. Karen Campbell cuts to the chase on how to build your project, how to be aware of each stage/layer, what you need to do with each art supply you are using and when to use them, or not, so you build it and not ruin it. She teaches you to be aware of how your art supplies play or don't play with each other. I love this book. Karen Campbell is an excellent, and fun, art teacher. This is one of the most used art books in my art book library. I refer to it often.

Learning Mixed Media CAN be fun and EASY thanks to the "Hamburger" system!

Just follow these recipes and you'll make MASTERPIECES too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm NOT an artist???

Can I still take this course??

YES!! There is literally NO EXPERIENCE required to learn, understand and do AMAZING projects!!!

I lead you STEP-BY-STEP so you can't go wrong. And you're always welcome to trace and transfer my designs so you ALSO don't need ANY drawing skills.

Can I access the course from any device?

Are the lessons downloadable?

Yep! You sure can! If you have an internet connection you can watch the lessons. All lessons, PDF resources, references, and book are downloadable and yours to keep forever.

What if I have a question or need help?? Who will help me?

Turns out Awesome Art School is staffed by a team of VERY warm and welcoming customer service (we call "Magical!") team members AND artists who are always available to help IN the school, in the Facebook Group AND by email (so 3 ways).


Meet your qualified instructor!

Hi! Nice to meet you!

I'm Karen Campbell, the original founder here at Awesome Art School and have been teaching online art classes since 2016 (and in-person classes since 2011). I'm a full-time multi-media artist, instructor, and author of 18 art instructional books, and I've been featured in numerous worldwide art magazine publications.

Originally a Boston area native, I currently live in Apex, NC with my computer-geek husband, 3 kids and 4 fur babies (aka ZOO).

My philosophy towards teaching art and the reason why my students are so successful is based on the fact that I am keenly aware that people learn BEST when they are so busy having fun that they don't even realize the strides they are making!

As such, FUN is built right into the curriculum, making it incredibly easy and fast for students to advance.

Through my prolific and popular books, 3 awesome Art Clubs at Awesome Art School, and two YouTube channels that host over 400 free art tutorials, I have positively impacted the lives of tens of thousands worldwide of all levels who want to learn how to create beautiful things.

And I believe in fairies - for obvious reasons (and I even have a podcast about it 😆). I'm delighted that you're here!

After these 16 beginner lessons, I have MANY more! Just LOOK what you can do - all with the BURGER!

This is JUST the beginning...

AIl these ladies started right here.

If they can do it, so can YOU!

Plus with a money-back guarantee, you literally have nothing to lose!