Supply List

Ok, there are two ways to do Encaustic.

One is on the cheap and one is using professional products like brands from R+F.

In this class I will show you how to work both ways.

Here are the absolute bare minimum supplies you need to get started.

Everything else is optional and you can acquire them, as desired, as I present them to you in the videos.

Small Crock Pot - used is 100% fine, probably preferable.

However, once you use it for this class you won't be able to use it for food again. Try your local thrift store.

Tuna cans 2-6 of these

Electric Griddle - also used is ok!

Any natural bristle brush - cheap is totally fine (see the ones below!).

A few of them would be good, one for each color and definitely a 2" or 3" one for your Encaustic Medium.

1 lb. bag of Encaustic Medium

A heat gun or hair dryer

Joint Compound (cheapest substrate preparation option!)

The images of the supplies here are all Amazon Clickable Links.

They are affiliate but when you purchase through these links there is no cost to you, yay!!

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