🎨 Learn FAST

🎉 Have FUN

💚 Find your PEOPLE

Join Karen Campbell and Lucy Brydon

for a fabulous fairy filled afternoon on JULY 28th!!

Let's start making masterpieces with all those art supplies we've been hoarding!

Step 1.

Pick a Club!

Learn to Draw freehand in the Fun Fab Drawing Club!

Learn to Paint AND MIX your Media in the Mixed Media Society Art Club!

Learn to create Fantasy art in the

Celtic Collective Art Club!

Step 2.

Binge the videos!

Step 3.

Become the Awesome Artist you were meant to be!

Like Karen, who joined the

Fun Fab Drawing Club!

And just like Evette in the

Mixed Media Society!

And just like Linda in the

Celtic Collective!

From Our Founder, Karen Campbell...

As a mom to 3 small kids, I accidentally stumbled into creating. It saved my life.

A late starter, I felt overwhelmed about where to begin, guilty about spending money on myself, and nervous about learning something so foreign and new.

It actually felt ridiculous because I had so many important tasks at home to do (hello laundry!).

Fueled by perseverance (and impatience) I developed books, short cuts, and systems to make learning art FAST, EASY and (best of all) FUN for myself, and have dedicated the last decade helping tens of thousands of women at Awesome Art School find and develop THEIR OWN artistic flair.

I know you have loads of responsibilities BUT - YOU DESERVE TO EXPLORE your inner artist.

Let's STOP hoarding art supplies and feeling insecure and START creating masterpieces TOGETHER!!

Choose what you'd like to learn today!

Learn more about the Fun Fab Drawing Club!

Learn about the Mixed Media Society!

Learn more about the Celtic Collective

And YES!

We do so much more than just faces :)

Like STEAMPUNK in the Drawing Club!

Great job Martin 🙌

And CORSETS of course in Mixed Media Society Happy Hour!

Love this Linda ❤️

And angry baby unicorns in the Celtic Collective.

So AWESOME Louise🤣👏

Can't decide?

You're not the only one!

HALF of ALL Club members are in the Wonder Bundle!!

As a creative, you know how soul-fulfilling creating art can be.

But for many, the art just doesn't happen.

No matter what fears are holding you back or what Club you choose, we absolutely promise that you will...

Learn to Create with CONFIDENCE and EASE as these are what
bring JOY!
Know exactly what all your supplies do and how to use them.

Connect, create and HAVE FUN alongside others who are in a similar stage of life and level like Cassie here!!

The Whole Magical Team

is waiting to welcome you in

and cheer you on! Let's GO! ✍️🖌️🙌