Here is what is coming up both FREE on YouTube

AND across all 3 Clubs!!

Looking for a warm community to support you while you learn and grow?

A CLUB may be right for you! At Awesome Art School we have 3 to choose from!

Learn to Paint!

Enrollment into this Club grants you access to hundreds of tutorials suitable for all levels. We focus on wet mediums (acrylics, inks, watercolors, encaustics, gouache, oil pastels and more) and how to mix them to create masterpieces!

Learn to Draw from Scratch!

This Club offers members the chance to learn to draw what they see! Even those who've never drawn before or can't draw a straight line. We have a heavy emphasis on faces and figures but the curriculum also covers additional fun topics from fun animals to urban sketching to drawing the decades and sooo much more!

Learn Drawing, Watercolors, Ink, Gouache and Markers!

This unique art Club is run by TWO artists (Karen Campbell and Lucy Brydon) who are also best friends obsessed with all things Fae, Mystical and Magical! These fantasy themes take center stage for each and every project while we hone your drawing and painting skills!

Courses vs. Clubs

The "Courses" contain a finite number of pre-recorded lessons.

"Clubs" are infinite in that members receive access to a curriculum to follow AND an enormous library of courses.

There is also regularly released new content (both pre-recorded AND live) along with other member-exclusive perks including monthly giveaways, discounts on Etsy, regular live sessions, free admittance to online art parties, many free eBooks and more!

NOTE: The HUGE collection of many, many courses (classrooms based on art supply or theme) within each Club is NOT available for separate purchase elsewhere.