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confidence and ease

while having a BLAST!

Not sure WHAT YOUR Art Superpower IS or what skills to focus on?

At Awesome Art School, we believe that you can and deserve to make art you are proud of, regardless of your age, background, or current abilities.

Hear from the founder about

ALL THE WAYS we can help you grow!

Hi! I'm Karen Campbell, the founder of Awesome Art School!

My philosophy towards teaching art and the reason why my students are so successful is because I'm keenly aware that people learn BEST when they are so busy having fun they don't realize the strides they are making!
How do I know this?
Because this is exactly what happened to me!
Art found ME when I was in a really difficult period of my life. I was a really young mom at home with my 3 kids under 4 and was desperate for an escape and some "me" time that wouldn't cost much and that I could do from my home.
The magic that I experienced during the throes of creation (no matter how lame my attempts were at the time) was priceless.

So if I started later in life (and to be clear, I did NOT have an art background and in fact I studied monkeys in college!!!!), how the heck did I get good enough come to publish 19 art instructional books and teach tens of thousands of women from all over the world?
Once I started drawing and painting I just didn't stop! It's truly as simple as that.

Turns out that ANYTHING you do lots will help you improve (but we all know that deep down, right?!).
And ever since I experienced this rapid transformation for myself, I've made it my mission to make art as easy and FUN and ACCESSIBLE to anyone who wishes to be better at it.
FUN and CLEAR instruction is built right into the curriculum through all 3 Clubs at Awesome Art School, making it incredibly easy and fast for students to advance.
And they do!!
Before you know it, you'll be the awesome artist that YOU've always wanted to become too!

So How does it Work?

Awesome Art School provides super easy-to-follow books and online lessons in drawing, painting, and mixed media to women (and a handful of brave, awesome guys!) of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

BUT - What makes us unique and accessible to everyone is that instead of creating umpteen separate art courses, we've bundled together HUNDREDS of our best art lessons and resources into 3 separate "Clubs".

Each Club focuses on one unique topic.


Learn more about the Fun Fab Drawing Club!
If you want to learn to draw, the FUN FAB DRAWING CLUB is the BEST!

Learn about the Mixed Media Society!
If you want to learn to PAINT and mix your media, the MIXED MEDIA SOCIETY would be a perfect fit for you!

Learn more about the Celtic Collective
If you love all things mythical and magical AND want to learn to draw AND paint, then the CELTIC COLLECTIVE has your name on it!

How do you join?

Step 1.

Learn a little bit about each Club and think about which one would be useful to you and your dreams of becoming an artist.

Step 2.

Add your name to the WAITLIST of the Club you're interested in.

Our Clubs Doors stay closed year-round so we can focus all our time and energy on developing new monthly lessons and regular live events for our current members.

Step 3.

When a space opens we will email you!

You can join directly through a link in that email!

Step 4.

Start binging lessons and become the Awesome Artist you were meant to be!

Just like Karen who joined the Fun Fab Drawing Club!

And just like Diane in the Mixed Media Society!

And just like Bernatte in the Celtic Collective!

What Club's it gonna be?

Learn more about the Fun Fab Drawing Club!

Learn about the Mixed Media Society!

Learn more about the Celtic Collective

Can't decide?

You're not the only one!

Half of ALL Club members are in the Wonder Bundle!!

As a creative, you know how soul-fulfilling creating art can be.

But for many, the art just doesn't happen.

No matter what fears are holding you back or what Club you choose, we absolutely promise that you will...

Learn to Create with CONFIDENCE and EASE as these are what
bring JOY!

I'll give you absolutely EVERYTHING you need to have success so you don't have to worry about anything except showing up and having fun!

Know exactly what all your supplies do and how to use them.

I also have so much fun while I teach (yes that's me!) that YOU can't but help to have fun too!

Connect and create alongside others who are in a similar stage of life and level like Cassie!

She won this goodie from our monthly giveaway!

Still not sure WHAT YOUR Art Superpower IS or what art skills to focus on?

Take the super fun 90 second Quiz to find out!

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