WAITLIST for the Celtic Collective with Karen Campbell & Lucy Brydon

Drawing & Watercolor Lessons Celebrating Fairylore, Mythology, Fantasy & More!

If you haven't had a chance to learn about the Celtic Collective yet and need more info before deciding if it's a Club that's right for you, go HERE!

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Karen Campbell + Lucy Brydon
Karen Campbell + Lucy Brydon

Karen Campbell (Awesome Art School owner) has been teaching art both in-person and online since 2011. She focuses her efforts on making sure students are having fun so that they will want to learn and practice more! Her styles and mediums vary widely (which makes it fun for both her and her students!) and loves to come up with "systems" for layering and drawing to make learning easy! She has written, illustrated and published over two dozen art-related books/journals. Since founding her Awesome Art School in 2016 she has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of students through her educational art books, YouTube videos and courses and memberships. She is a native of New England and currently lives in North Carolina with her husband, Sean, kids and lotsa pets!

Lucy Brydon (Lucy's Art Lab owner) taught for 15 years as a primary school art specialist before venturing off to make and sell her art full-time. She has taught adults both online and in-person for 7 years and specializes in gelli printing, watercolor and gouache. Her artwork is inspired by Scottish folklore, fairy tales, nature, and illustrations. She lives in Scotland surrounded by ancient magical forests and ruined castles and with dog, Miso (a wonderful, gentle greyhound!)

Karen and Lucy met online around 2015 and in person (on a Scottish Art Retreat) in 2017 and have been fast friends ever since! They've published a book together, and co-host the hilarious podcast 1 Scot 1 Not. Being a part of their world will fill you with belly laughs and more art than you've ever dreamed of creating!