Supplies (Watercolor and Foam Head)

This class is very unique and exciting for so many reasons and I'm so happy that you're here!!!

Obviously, there are a wide variety of unique projects in this course that you can't find elsewhere so the supplies will vary and accessibility will vary as well. So I have assembled a list (with clickable links) under each project header in the classroom so you can know exactly which products I used for each one. This does NOT mean you have to use them, the lists are simply compiled for your convenience and knowledge! You are more than welcome and encouraged to use the supplies you already have on hand!

I will say, however, that I gifted all the guest art teachers the same watercolor set (pictured below) so that IF you did want to purchase them, you would be guaranteed to use the for each and every watercolor lesson included in the course!! The whole set is super affordable (under $30) and complete with an array of lush colors so I thought it would be perfect!

For the fairy house (actual, 3D fairy house) that we will be making, I start with thrift store hardcover books so there will no link to that! I encourage you to go thrifting or to your local dollar store (or perhaps yardsales) to scavenge for used books that are just begging to be repurposed! The supply list for that particular project you can find under that project heading. Again, you never have to go out and buy paints or parts, simply use what you have!

If you can't find a foam head (Hobby Lobby has about 4 different designs to choose from and AC Moore and Michaels carry the one you see here) then here is an Amazon link to the one I use! Also, Sparkle Mod Podge is the best!!!! Link below as well for your convenience!

Here are links to some of my frequently used products. You do NOT need to purchase these. I am putting these links here for your information about the products since you may have questions and putting them here makes it easy for me to reference them!

This is an Amazon affiliate link which means if you buy them here I may get a small percentage of the sale, but at zero cost to you.